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Who are 'Members'?

Our Members are local professional AEC businesses who operate out of the SymbioticAEC space on a monthly lease basis. You can find the directory of the group on the 'Members' page. By locating multiple similar industry company types under one roof shared knowledge is gained.

Is the Space open to the public?

Yes! We hold events that are open to the public and our meeting rooms are rentable. Feel free to come by and see what we are up to or reach out to someone directly in the space.

'Service Integrator' of the design and build process?

While you don't have to use all of our member's companies for your project - we are offering something that others are not - a space that brings together the typical trade professionals needed for the design and construction process. 

Technology enabled?

Virtual design and construction (VDC), Building information modeling (BIM), digital site documentation (drones, laser scanning, 360 degree imagery), and virtual reality are becoming common tools. We like technology as it enables people with processes to be more efficient. Our members get access to this hardware and professional support.

Whats with all this AEC techno-jargon?

BIM, VDC, photogrammetry, point clouds, 5D schedules, augmented reality, sharks with lasers... yes the industry lexicon is changing. Check out to help with the vocabulary. 

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